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Frequently Asked Questions

HomeCare Finder offers a comprehensive range of home support services to individuals, delivered in a non-intrusive style within the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Can anyone use the Home Care Finder service?
Yes, anyone can use the HomeCare Finder service, whether you are a private customer or a Council/Care Trust.
What if I only need a little help?
This can be arranged as, with any package of care, it is always designed around individual needs and develops with the client.
Will I get the same carer?
In an ideal world that would be perfect, but we have to ensure that your care is covered 7-days a weeks, 52-weeks a year. As carers have time off and holidays, it makes sense to have a small exclusive team available. If we do have to introduce a new team member they will always shadow your regular carers so that you get to know them and they get to know you and understand your needs.
How will I know if I am entitled to funding?
You can contact Social Services, possibly via your GP, and they will undertake a full care and financial assessment to let you know your entitlement. Entitlement will vary based on an individualís circumstances. Sometimes only part funding is provided and, if so, we can still provide care.
I don't like the thought of not being in charge of my care if I go through Social Services. Is it better I don't bother?
No, always look into your entitlement. Social Services will give you the option of having total control over the entitled funds so that you can choose to spend them on care as you prefer.
What happens if my condition changes and I need more care?
We have ongoing monitoring of your welfare and regular reviews of your needs. We are very aware and often able to pre-empt problems before they develop. In the long term, your care package develops with you and changes as your needs change.
What if I go away for a few days and won't need care?
This is not a problem, as long as you provide us with 24-hours notice.